Is The WICB Playing Divide And Conquer ?

The Tale Of Burnham, Lloyd, And WI Cricket CaptaincyOnce again, the people in the West Indies Cricket Board have proved themselves, in my opinion, to be truly master magicians. My take is that one of the reasons why the 90 players are now being paid, and that is good, is that most of the players in the Region will now be more active in the affairs of the West Indies Players Association.

Obviously, this means that the senior players and those who represent the region, are now in the minority, from a voting perspective. The senior players and those who have represented the region need to be on their guard.

Essentially, the WICB has driven or is attempting to drive a wedge between those players, who are in the minority, and the other Players who outnumber them, but are now being paid.

There are two choices for the senior players; they can either opt out of WIPA or persuade those in the majority that whatever they do or propose to do ultimately will be beneficial to ALL.

It will not be smooth sailing to do the latter. I have noted with interest that ALL the members of the WICB their Friends and Supporters have received their talking points. They are all suddenly talking about support for 90 Regional Players.

We live in Democracies, so the inference here is that the senior players, unless they can persuade their fellow players are always going to be outvoted in WIPA. Perhaps the Senior Players need to have a different representation from WIPA, in regard to their contracts.

This move by those in the governance of cricket in the region has two prongs; the first prong is that overtly players in the region are going to be paid, I applaud this; however, the other prong is to covertly drive a wedge between two groups of players. It is divide and conquer.

This harkens back to Colonialism at its very best. The sad thing is that the current officials of WIPA have yet to understand the full implications of what is likely to happen regarding the association.

Veridical, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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