Is It Time For Bernie Sanders To Hang Up The Gloves?

Is it time for Senator Bernie Sanders to hang up the gloves in his fight to represent the Democratic Party in the upcoming general election this November?

Well, the question may be answered this way. If the race is all about Bernie Sanders, then, by all means he should continue with his campaign.

However, if it’s about the Democratic Party winning the general election, then one can see no reason for him not throwing in the towel.

The fact is Bernie has nothing to be ashamed of in this election cycle. After all, he has run a robust campaign, brought a number of issues to the fore, and forced his own party to rethink its

Photo Credit: United States Congress - http://sanders.senate.gov/
Photo Credit: United States Congress – http://sanders.senate.gov/

strategies in treating with the middleclass issues going forward.

Sanders has argued that the system is rigged against his candidature and this may very well be true, but which of the two parties currently has a free and fair system; my guess is neither.

The fact is the system has been the way it currently is for at least the past two election cycles, and this is not to endorse an unchanged status.

However, in life, at times one is dealt a bad hand, but must play the game until there are changes, if any.

That said, at this stage of the primary election, there is no clear path for Sanders to overtake Hillary Clinton in winning the nomination to represent the Democratic Party.

Sanders boasted a 46 percent of pledged delegates, touted the fact that his campaign started at 3 percent in the polls — 60 percent behind Hillary Clinton, win in 20 states, and several poll results showing him in a more favorable position to beat Trump in the general election, when compared to Clinton.

The truth is, however, at this stage of the primary election Sanders would have to get at least 40 percent of the remaining pledged candidates in order to overtake Clinton and win the nomination.

This is highly unlikely, thus the call on Sanders by many people in the leadership of the party for him to drop out of the race.

Moreover, Clinton has pointed to the fact that she dropped out of the race when she was in a much better position in 2008 against the then Senator Obama in the race for the nomination of the Democratic Party, compared to Sanders current position against her.

The fact is every day that Saunders remains in the race from here on is a win for Trump as the Republican Party continues to reunite around him.

Now, Sanders could do something real revolutionary in announcing his exit from the race in a staged debate with Hillary Clinton in California, one of the few remaining states to hold primary election.

However, don’t hold your breath as Aristotle stated, “What it lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do.”

Davy Desmond, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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