Is He Cheating On You?

Even though everything looks normal with him on the surface, your gut is telling you that something is not right. He acts differently, looks differently but he’s not talking or touching you as much as he used to. As much as you want to ignore your instincts, you can’t. So here are a few checks to make.

He’s Protective of his Mobile Phone

Photo Credit: Wkimedia Commons.
Photo Credit: Wkimedia Commons.

Being protective of your phone is normal. But if he’s got a death grip on his phone, disappears for 20-30 minutes after taking that special business call on a Sunday or even sleeps with his phone under his pillow, it’s a sure sign that he’s cheating.

Hurtful Remarks in Public

One of the major justifications of cheaters is that his current wife or girlfriend forced him into it because she was mistreating him. In many instances and probably spurred by guilt, he’ll make snide remarks that are designed to goad you into a fight. This will most likely happen when you’re in the company of friends, so that he can justify his action in front of witnesses.

More Interest in What He Looks Like

This is one of the classic signs among men who never took any serious interest in how they looked before the affair. Now that he’s dressing for someone new, he’s dressing with more pride, working on toning his love handles and even getting rid of that beard he fought with you about. That’s when you remember this is how he was when he first started dating you.

Regularly away ‘on business’

There’s only so much business someone can do in a 24-hour period. But, if his new extensive travel schedule is linked to a request that you don’t call him at all, and then you have a right to be suspicious.

Secret New Credit Cards

Most couples have a majority of their finances conjoined and maybe a separate individual account that’s not a secret. But if you’re used to sharing all of the expenses and he’s suddenly unable to see the monthly bills, then there’s something going on. He’s more than likely spending on some things or someone he doesn’t want you to know about. If he constantly intercepts the mail carrier before he or she gets in the yard, that’s a sign.

Some relationships can survive infidelity but for others lack of trust is a deal breaker. Once you’ve confirmed your suspicions, it’s time to decide what to say and when. It’s not easy but if you want to have a chance of surviving, the hard decisions need to be made.

Readers Bureau, Contributor