Is Fiverr Traffic Gigs A Fraud?

Don’t give up that $5.50 that easily

Fiverr has become that “go to place” for small entrepreneurs who lack the financial resources or big budgets to hire specialists or experts in various areas of needs pertaining to their businesses.

Fiverr TrafficIt provides that marketplace platform where buyers and sellers meet to trade service for cash.

The sellers offer their basic service for $5.00 in addition to a processing fee of fifty cents which brings the grand total to $5.50 for a basic job.

However, don’t be fooled, the gig cost can easily run up to hundreds of dollars if you decide to take on the various add-ons offered by sellers.

Now, one of the gigs that have gained popularity on Fiverr is the purchase traffic. This of course is understandable. The fact is without traffic a website perishes just like a business without customers.

Fiverr traffic gig, however, has recently come under a greater degree of scrutiny as many sellers continue to promote gigs offering to buyers thousands and millions of traffic.

Some buyers and bloggers now easily describe the traffic gig offers as not only bad for business, but for the most part a big scam and a waste of buyers’ money.

Buyers’ complaints and gripes regarding these traffic sales are as follows:

  1. The traffic offered does not lead to or garner consistent support – once the gig is over traffic suddenly drops to ground zero
  1. Most sellers over promise and under deliver
  1. It adds little or no value to ranking on search engine
  1. It’s an easy way for sellers to capitalize on buyers’ website traffic ignorance and make a quick buck
  1. The traffic sold is not targeted but junk traffic which assumes a scatter shot approach
  1. More often than not offers by sellers are deceptive and misleading for example, offering Google traffic which can only be obtained through Google AdSense – a paid Google service which cost much more than $5.50
  1. The traffic obtained is a two second “jerk off” – visitors click and quickly disappear
  1. Even at $5.50, it’s not value for money
  1. In general, most of the traffic is fake – software is used to bolster traffic that is not genuine
  1. It exposes one’s Google Adsense account to the risk of being banned by Google because of bots and back links.

Yvad Billings Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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