Will iPhone 5s Be Here By September?

The launch of any Apple products has always generated anxiety and excitement among consumers in general and Apple worshippers in particular.

Speculation is now rife that Apple will launch the iPhone 5S just in time for the back to school shoppers.

IphoneA report from German blog iFun cited a credible source as saying, the next-generation iPhone will be “coming to market” on Sept 6. According to the tech blog, Apple will release a full-fledge iPhone 5S and a cheaper version of the handset.

On it’s website, Apple describes in glowing terms the attributes of its iPhone 5 as:

Thinnest, lightest, fastest

7.6 millimeters thin and weighs 112 grams

Faster CPU performance – new A6 chip – two times faster than A5 chip

Faster graphics and better battery life

Smaller 8MP iSight  camera with more features

Smaller intelligent, reversible lightening connector

First Retina display with integrated touch technology

Finely crafted with precision

Environmentally friendly recyclable materials

The question now is, “What new features will Apple be adding to the iPhone 5S?”

It is rumored that these may include:

A bigger display screen

Plastic case

New iOs update

Dual-LED 12 MP camera

Finger print sensor  for security

A larger internal storage of up to 128 GB

In the meantime, Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung with its smart phone larger screen and other multifaceted features continue to bite deeper into Apple’s share of the global smart phone market.

Apple fans, on the other hand, are anxious to hear the official announcement of the new launch date and moreover anticipate a range of exquisite new features.

Davy Desmond, Readers Bureau, Senior Fellow