Internet Too Slow? We’ll Get Some Bees Right on That!

Internet too slowBee Foraging Provides Insight on Optimization of Server Allocation

Perhaps you don’t instantly recognize the connection between the Internet and honeybees. But researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology (where the school mascot is, coincidentally, the Yellow Jacket) do. A Georgia Tech group has developed an algorithm based on honeybee foraging strategies to optimize server allocation to keep websites running smoothly.

Honeybees and servers face similar optimization problems: efficiently allocating limited resources (e.g. worker bees or computing power) in the face of variable demand. Through swarm intelligence, honeybees operate entirely devoid of central command. The hive’s survival depends on worker bees finding and retrieving nectar. So how do the honeybees ensure that they work productively? They dance, of course… more at reason to believe more…