Important Health Tips For 2015

The New Year is fast approaching and whether or not we say it, write it, or confess it, we are all hoping for a good year. The truth is we wish to do better than we did in 2014.

You may avoid talking about New Year’s Resolution, and perhaps you do need to think about this carefully. You can affirm to have a New Day’s Resolution and it is  so liberating, to be able to wipe the slate clean at any point in time. You can purposefully reset the compass of your live so that you can chart a course to live optimally and enjoy good health.

Before we can get started with the New Year’s Resolution we must do Goal Setting designed for success. Success does not equate to ‘easy’, ‘no sweat’, ‘no obstacles’, ‘no opposition’. Success translates into pushing forward towards that goal inspite of all the distractions and deceptions, with your support group as the cheerleaders waiting to congratulate you at the finish line.

Health is the state of being sound in body, mind or soul. Let us reflect on our successes and failings over the past year. We can be guided by the:

 Seven (7) Tenets of Wellbeing

  1. Spiritual Wellbeing
  2. Physical Wellbeing
  3. Mental Wellbeing
  4. Relational Wellbeing
  5. Financial Wellbeing
  6. Social Wellbeing
  7. Vocational Wellbeing

Being healthy is being in a state of balance with all seven tenets.

Spiritual Wellbeing

Important Health Tips 2To grow spiritually requires discipline, practice, fellowship, bible study, and reading inspirational books. Seek daily guidance in prayer and meditation on God’s words. For music lovers, build a collection of music which ministers to you.

Physical Wellbeing

The golden rule is healthy eating, being physically active, no smoking, no harmful use of alcohol. Stress management and healthy sexual and reproductive behaviors are equally important. When our bodies are broken, we can be made whole again.

  • Give up smoking: your GP as well as several Smoking Cessation Counselors can take you through a program to kick the habit. Second hand smoke (being around smokers) is detrimental to your overall health.
  • Eat a balance healthy diet by incorporating more veggies, fruits, and whole grains
  • Lose weight
  • Engage in physical activity daily
  • Limit alcohol use
  • Stress management
  • Get recommended health screening

Mental Welbeing

Emotional intelligence defines how balanced and mature we are (or are becoming) in handling different situations and experiences. Anger, disappointments, betrayal, bereavement will always be a part of the human experience. Joy, happiness and success are blessings to be received with humility.

Relational Wellbeing

Important Health TipsRelating to siblings and parents can be a roller coaster ride as we mature and age. It is with age that we truly learn to be more accepting, forgiving and appreciative of family. Living and working in community has its own set of challenges.

Financial Wellbeing 

Financial stewardship over our affairs demonstrates that we recognize and appreciate God’s favor and do not take it for granted. As we prosper we should share with others and uplift those who are less fortunate. Budgeting, saving and conserving are disciplines which will get families through the tough times.

Vocational Wellbeing

Never stop learning. Do the ‘little’ jobs well and just maybe the good performance will land you the job you have always wanted.

Social Wellbeing                                         

Giving back to society and especially the marginalized and disposed, defines one’s humanity. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer and be of service to others.

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