IMF Chief Urged Jamaican Government To Act Now!

The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, (IMF) – Christine Lagarde, has prompted the government to push forward with extensively reforming the public sector, a process which it’s believed will result in job cuts.

She has indicated that this is a tough decision which needs to be made for the greater good. The reform process has been ongoing across different administrations for over a decade.

The IMF chief yesterday indicated that the government is facing difficult times so tough decisions need to be made for the long-term benefit of the country.

She argues that expenditure needs to be more efficient by the government, and the benefits need to be seen more clearly.

“That exercise is absolutely needed. When you look at how much is being spent on the public wage bill – something needs to be adjusted. There should be a reorientation of public spending. So, you need to look at where you are spending money …. Is it useful? Is it serving value?  That exercise is needed….”

And the IMF Chief pointed out some of the immediate benefits to be derived if Jamaica makes the necessary adjustments in the public sector.

“Better infrastructure, better roads, better port facilities, in order to rationalize agriculture. That’s the exercise that is needed now.

She has also promised to support the government once the changes are implemented.

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