IBM Packs Power And Zip Into New SuperChip

IBMAccording to news reports, IBM has built a new computer chip that is seven nanometers wide, yet allows for four times the capacity of chips on the current market.

The chip is the first of its kind, packing a lot of transistors into a small space, thus allowing data to travel more quickly between those transistors.

This new make and breakthrough represent a huge advancement in the tech age of semiconductor development. It also pushes IBM into the forefront of chip making technology.

Chip-making king, Intel, no doubt will be taking notes of IBM foray into an area that it has dominated over time.

According to a Wired report, Intel has shown a public roadmap indicating that it’s also working on a 7 nanometer chip. The report also noted that Intel has more people working on chip improvements that anyone else in that type of business.

At the same time IBM has been trying to establish a foothold in the chip-making industry over the years. However, last year, the blue chip company gave the impression that it was leaving the industry after offloading a few chip plants to Globalfoundries Inc. for $ 1.5 billion.

However, it now seems that such notion was misplaced as IBM has been apparently conducting serious research in the chip-making industry.

The new chip produced by IBM will not hit the market anytime soon where people are still getting grips with 14 & 10 nanometer chips.

That said, pressure will now be heaped on Intel to develop a better chip.

Davy Desmond, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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