I am I
Yeah one I
Some say I and I
But it’s still I

I came into this world
And grew up as I
No one can replace I
I am the only I on earth

I have to account for I
In all institutions
And before all men
Even in the final judgment, it’s I

It is I at work or play
And I will have the last say
On earth, I must get by
I talk, I laugh, and I cry

At times I wish I could fly
But the truth is I cannot
And you know why
I am what I am I

This may seem like a circus
Because I am the focus
Albeit, the universe is I
And the converse is true to I

One day I’ll say goodbye
And you’ll never see or hear I
And that’s no lie; even if I try
Because we’re all sentenced to die

But I will fear not
For there’s a resurrection
In the great by and by
To this, some will sigh

Yes I


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Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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