Huawei’s Ms. Meng Is Back Home After A Three Year Home Detention In Canada

Huawei’s top executive Meng Wanzhou is now free after being detained in Canada for nearly three years.

This comes in the light of what seems to be a prisoners’ swap between Canada and China.

Following Ms. Meng’s release, two Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig charged for espionage and detained in China were also set free.

It is believed that the two Canadians were detained in retaliation to Ms. Meng’s arrest in Canada.

The apparent swap brings to an end a damaging diplomatic row between the two countries.

According to press reports, Ms. Meng was greeted by a jubilant crowd at the airport where she reportedly said, “I’m finally back home!” and added, “Where there is a Chinese flag, there is a beacon of faith.”

She also reportedly said that “If faith has a color, it must be China red.”

Ms. Meng was wanted on charges in the U.S. but was released after a deal between Canada and U.S. prosecutors.

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