How Your Website Can Gain Its Stripe On Google

SEOSearch engine optimization is the method of tracking the viewership of a website in the result page while typing it into the search engine. There are different types of searches that can be made in order to filter the information required; the most common being image search, news search, books/academic search, video search and local search. These types of searches help in refining the search and obtain the desired result.

Naturally, if a website features in the result page of a search engine and stays there for a longer time, the visibility and viewership is much greater than a website that does not feature in the result page of a search engine. Google, being the prime search engine used worldwide, is targeted by all website owners so that their website features in the first page of the results, guaranteeing a greater visibility.

Many strategies are involved by website owners for the same task. Internet marketing strategies adopted by websites for search engine optimization targets the kind of information being searched for, the keywords used, the tags and search terms relevant to the page. Working professionals who work on editing a website from its HTML to its coding offer services to website companies that employ search engine optimization. Such professionals are called search engine optimizers.

Some of the bullet points to keep in mind while building a website and improving its visibility are as follows:

1.     Density

2.     Naming pages in <title> space

3.     Social Networking

4.     Keywords

5.     Links

6.     Ease of access with user friendly graphics

7.     Design

Firstly, one must keep the content ready and make sure it has quality. The website must have original content that is not plagiarized and every sentence of the text must be grammatically correct with appropriate language as per the content that claims to be on the site. The content must be exactly what the keywords involve or else the site ranking may go down when visitors leave the website and look for their information elsewhere.

Using tools like Google Analytics helps in finding appropriate keywords for your content. This makes the website’s appearance in search results more effective and visitors will be able to locate your website using the same keywords.

Once the content is ready, one must concentrate on the design of the website. People find it easier to navigate through a website when the design is up to date, straight forward and appealing to the eyes. Nobody likes looking for what they came for and will immediately leave if they don’t find what they want. Again, the ranking goes down and your website may just not make it to Google’s first page.

After the content and design is ready, you need to name the website and that is achieved by selecting a domain name. An easy, sensible and smart domain name works and is easy to locate. If you are a flower shop and your name is Bob simply “” or “” works unlike “”

Using descriptions and headers and creating back links are all mandatory steps before you create social media links to your website. Social media links enable users to share your website address with their friends and colleagues and even enables you to promote your business.

Will the foregoing get your website a popular ranking and put it on the first page of Google? Certainly, if it doesn’t, it will at least helps in its climb to the top.

Readers Bureau Contributor