How To Tighten The Vagina Muscle

Lunges, squats, running, and, of course, the tried and true kegel, are great exercises that help tighten the vaginal muscles.

There are muscles along the buttock and interior thigh that feed into the pelvis and support a woman’s vagina, and of course, the abdomen muscles.

All of these muscles play a role in the tightness of the pelvic floor.

These natural exercises are simple to do at home and anywhere that you wish.

Here goes:

1. Diet

A healthy diet will strengthen your pelvic floor. Feed your pelvic muscle correctly on a daily basis to ensure its proper repair.

2. Kegel exercises

The pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles that wrap around the underneath of the bladder and rectum.

3. Squatting

By performing squats, you would instantaneously and naturally regain that lost tightness. A body squat, as easy as it may sound is amongst the most common exercises which a majority of people perform improperly. To do squats correctly, simply stand with your feet outside of hip width, position your toes out about 30 degrees, and ensure your feet are level.

4. Pelvic Stretch

Pelvic stretch exercises specifically target the pelvic floor muscles and prevent looseness in the pelvic floor area.

5. Yoga

Performing yoga on a regular basis is also a good practice for the toning of the muscles of the vagina.

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