How To Tell Your Marriage Is On the Rocks

Marriage foundations don’t loosen overnight. They take time to slowly erode and  the wall built make communication difficult to achieve or even contemplate. The divorce rate is still holding at 50 percent but sources find that over 65 percent of women are initiating the splits. So, how can you tell if your marriage may be headed in that direction?

You are indifferent

How To Tell Your Marriage Is On the Rocks_RingYou used to put a lot of effort and care in the relationship. Small gestures like asking about her day or even a hello or goodbye kiss. You may even stop carrying her picture in your wallet. It’s not that you’re angry about anything; it that you just don’t care anymore.

You don’t spend time together

You used to really enjoy his company but these days, you can live without it. You haven’t taken a vacation together in a long time not because of money reasons. Somewhere along the way you found substitutes for being with him that you like and enjoy.

You feel alone

This is one of the most obvious signs that your marriage is in worse shape than you thought and it can happen in so many ways. If you feel like you’re the only one sharing your thoughts or feelings or putting any effort in your marriage, those little instances can become big chasms in your relationship. On the other side, if your spouse is deliberately trying to keep you away from family and friends you can feel alone and that may even be a sign of abuse.

No Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is more than just sex. It’s about holding and touching, little forms of human contact. Now, there are times when some people may need some space but it’s more serious when they need this kind of space all the time. If she’s no longer interested in sleeping with you then she wants out.

Home is the last place you want to be

The very thought of putting your key in the door creates anxiety and takes too much effort to do. You may even find ways to avoid your partner by staying out later with friends, watching more TV or pursuing your hobbies in a locked space. You may want to ask yourself why you’re inventing reasons to avoid going home and if your partner can see it.

With the right kind of counseling, these issues can be ironed out and your marriage can be salvaged. But again, it takes two to give it a try.

Readers Bureau contributor