How To Stay Healthy When Everyone Else Is Getting Sick

When someone starts sniffling at the office, it can result in fear and dread for everyone else. No one wants to catch a cold, but for those with a weak immune system, it seems inevitable. Thankfully, even if you tend to catch every cold that goes around, there is still something you can do about it this cold season.

Wash your hands

By the time someone you know is showing signs of sickness, they’ve already spread their germs all over every conceivable surface. The only way to defend yourself against these contact germs is to avoid touching your face with unwashed hands and to wash your hands frequently. You should be doing this all the time anyway but avoiding a cold is a great incentive to keep your hands in the soap a little longer.

Take Probiotics

You might not think there is anything you can do about your low immune system, but you may be wrong. Your digestive tract is, amazingly enough, one of the biggest parts of your immune system. The part of it responsible for keeping bad germs out isn’t even technically a part of your body—it is all the friendly bacteria that live in your gut.

While probiotics perform several useful functions, from helping you digest your food to improving your oral health, they also do a great job of improving your immunity, too. That means fewer colds and a happier you.

Take vitamin C and zinc too

 You have probably heard about taking vitamin C and zinc to help get over a cold faster or to prevent one in the first place. These are both highly useful in preventing you from getting the sniffles, and here is why: Vitamin C has proven beneficial in helping to reduce stress, a common cause in weakening your immune system. Studies have shown that zinc can keep viruses from multiplying, which really does make it easier for your body to clean up any stray diseases running around in your system.

Avoid those who currently have a cold

You can’t avoid everyone who has a cold, but if someone is actively coughing or sneezing, you may want to keep your distance whenever possible. Colds are most commonly spread through the air, and the closer you are to the sick person, the closer you are to the germs.

Disinfect surfaces regularly

Keep disinfectant wipes handy, and disinfect your desk, doorknobs, phone receivers, and other frequently touched items. This will cut down on a great many of the germs you come in contact with.

Catch a cold anyway? Stay home

If you do catch a cold, do your office and everyone else a favor, and stay home while you are ill. Colds spread through meeting sick people, and the best way to avoid continuing the spread of disease is to not go out in the first place. If you can avoid going out at all, do so until you are feeling better.

Staying healthy is never easy, but with these tips, you can avoid a costly week in bed. When the next cold or flu season comes around, follow these tips to make sure you stay safe and healthy—and without the sniffles. You’ll feel better, and so will everyone else around you.
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