How To Spend Christmas On Your Own

A growing percentage of people like to take advantage of their time off during the holiday season. Many like to go on little adventures of their own, some do it for the adventure, while others do it to keep their minds distracted if they have no family to spend the holiday season with. If you are alone for Christmas, for whatever reason it may be, don’t get the holiday blues or wallow in self-pity, but rather, celebrate! That’s right, celebrate with yourself, and celebrate yourself!

How To Spend ChristmasIf you choose to go away, then make sure you book as far ahead as possible since tickets get more and more expensive closer to the big day. So before you book, you need to decide what kind of a vacay you are after…. Do you want to be alone and recharge your batteries” Or do you want to mix and mingle with locals,  and maybe make some new friends? I would suggest the latter. It’s never too good of an idea to be SOLO on Christmas day as it can often lead to feelings of (unjustified or exaggerated) self-pity and sadness.

If you do choose to go away, and you do want to make new friends, choose locations that are popular at Christmas time. The obvious ones are London, Paris, and New York, but believe it or not, in places like Chiang Mai (Thailand), Bali (Indonesia) or Rio (Brazil) you will find some large expat and backpacker communities, which is great if you are looking for some celebrations, cocktails and new friends. You will be easily welcomed in these communities and easily make new friends to take Xmas selfies with and feast the night away.

Once you are decided, get online and do a search to find out which places are the most rockin’ for Xmas, and buy that ticket before you chicken out! The best plan of attack is to stay in a hostel versus a hotel. Hostels are not only cheaper but also way more social. If you choose this option it will make it easier to meet folks, and hostels will also often organize events or parties for everyone to join in the holiday spirit. I love my family, but I say yay to solo travel, and yay to solo Christmases every once in a while!

For a final tip… buy yourself a little gift! Treat yourself, wrap it up, and open it up on Christmas morning as though you’d never seen it before. Just because you are alone, does not mean you should not be ripping into some colorful Christmas wrapping paper.

Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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