How To Show Your Family You Still Love Them Even When You’re Far Away

Family bonds are one of the deepest connections people will ever experience in their lives. We love our families, and most of us want to show them that in some way. When you live in the same home or just around the corner, showing your love can be as easy as taking your mother out for dinner or treating the kids to an afternoon at the movies. When work or other obligations take you away, however, showing that love gets a lot harder. If you have a loved one you would like to shower with affection, here are 3 great ways you can do it.

Send them a care package

Getting a package in the mail is always a pleasant experience, but it’s even better when it’s from a favorite family member. You can help bring your family that much closer together by sending them a care package full of things you know they will love. Maybe it’s a princess doll for your princess, or a nerf gun for your son, but they’ll be able to tell how much you love them because you got them something appropriate to their interests.

Choosing items that fit the person is a great way to express your love, so be careful to think about the individual you are shopping for and not simply go with generic gifts the majority likes. It may take a little extra time to shop this way, but it is well worth the effort.

Face Time

While older people may feel a little reluctant to use that “face time” button on their iPhone, it can help you feel like you are in the same room as your family. There’s a reason why pediatricians don’t count “face time” as screen time and allow even babies to spend time using this. It can help babies and toddlers remember important faces as well as keep couples and parents feeling that much closer. Even if cameras make you feel uncomfortable, just pretend you’re face to face and go with the flow.

Keep in touch

It’s easy to forget to pick up the phone or write a letter when you’re in the middle of a busy day, but taking a break to contact those you love shows them you love them more than anything else. Even if you can’t afford to send a care package or don’t have a fancy phone that can let you video chat, just taking the time to speak with those you love can help them see you care.

No one enjoys being far away from their loved ones, but when it’s unavoidable, these three tips will help you feel more connected to the people you share your life with. We don’t always get to choose where we will be, but we can always choose to spend time with our family—even when we’re far away.

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