How To Make Barbados Souse

Saturday lunch in Barbados is not the same without souse, a national favorite.

Souse is essentially pickled pork, traditionally prepared using pig trotters (feet), ear, snout and tongue.

souseToday, however, many people prefer to use a piece of lean pork instead.

Now, this is how it is prepared.

2 lb pork shoulder cut into 1 inch pieces, or the traditional ear, snout, and tongue cut into bite-size pieces.

1 large onion, diced

2 cucumbers, grated

1 Scotch bonnet pepper (or chilli of your choice), finely diced

3 medium limes

Chopped fresh parsley

Boil the pork in salted water, until tender.

Combine the cooked pork with the grated cucumber, onion, pepper, lime juice and parsley. Add salt to taste.

Refrigerate for at least twelve hours.

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