How Did You Spend Odd Day?

From time immemorial, special days have been designated for certain celebration or set aside to mark a particular event or milestone within the lives of people. For example, there is Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Women’s International Day, among many others.

In fact, a day that is now celebrated and is becoming increasingly popular is Single’s Day — thanks to the Chinese!

odd daysHowever, a day that ought to have been celebrated this year or create some hype around is 11/13/15.

Unfortunately it passed under the radar and slipped marketers as well as many people’s attention.

The date is as an odd one, and is rightly referred to as Odd Day. When written as 11/13/15, the date is made up entirely of sequential odd numbers.

Those in awe of this oddity might want to pause to ponder at 21 seconds after 5:19 p.m.

That’s when the date and time (if you’re working in military time) would be written 11/13/15 17:19:21.

This seems stranger than fiction if it weren’t true.

The fact is this date is significant as it will not occur again in many people’s life time.

Sequential odd days only hit six times in a century and this is the last one for the 21st.

The odd of oddities will return but not until in the space of 90 years’ time when January 3, 2105 hits the calendar. Then it will be 1/3/5.

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