How Caffeine Helps You Lose Weight and Control Blood Sugar

Whether it’s coffee, tea, or chocolate, caffeine is a part of everybody’s life. Some people are particularly sensitive to it while others aren’t human before their first cup. Though ingesting an abnormal amount of caffeine is not recommended for a variety of reasons, it turns out that caffeine has a host of health benefits that could help with some of the most serious chronic diseases plaguing many developed countries.

Caffeine and Blood Sugar

How Caffeine Helps You Lose Weight and Control Blood SugarcaffeThere have been a lot of studies that show both sides of the equation. Caffeine helps to promote insulin sensitivity and that it leads to an increase in blood sugar. As it turns out, both have a point. For those without diabetes, caffeine intake can actually prevent type 2 diabetes onset according to a 2011 UCLA study. For people with diabetes, caffeine can reduce insulin sensitivity but there may be a small catch. In the mornings, it’s normal for people to have coffee and some sort of carbohydrates. The combination of the two at the same time may trigger a sugar spike. Some doctors advise diabetics to have the caffeine first, wait an hour and then have breakfast.

Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, there are sites and articles touting one pill or another. But here’s an inexpensive way to lose weight naturally. Green tea is one of the best beverages because it has many health benefits. It can also help you lose weight. Green tea throws the body into a natural fat burning process called thermogenesis. The caffeine in green tea helps to really enhance that effect and lead to more weight loss. It’s a great way to be healthy and lose weight without changing your regular routine. Just a couple of cups a day, hot or cold with bit of sugar or honey will do the trick.

Green Coffee

Speaking of coffee, there has been a lot of talk about green coffee and weight loss. Green coffee is the bean before it’s roasted and sold as regular coffee. There’s a substance in green coffee that help decrease hypertension, help control diabetes and help drinkers lose weight; it’s called chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid in green coffee extract helps overweight users lose an average of 22 pounds over the course of a few months.  Another study showed that chlorogenic acid improved glucose metabolism and improved triglycerides. There are a lot of supplements available but if results continue to be positive, green coffee will become even more popular.

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