Hillary Puts The Republican-led Congressional Committee To Shame

Photo Credit: Spark1498 - Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Photo Credit: Spark1498 – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In what seems to be a bid by the Republicans to bury Hillary Rodham Clinton candidacy for the 2016 Presidential run, they have once again failed to dig up any dirt, let alone bury the former First Lady and Democratic Presidential front runner.

After a 17-month investigation, cost of over four million dollars, and an 11-hour grilling of Hillary by House Republicans earlier this week, the committee has nothing to show for it.

The investigation dubbed by many as a political inquisition has left many observers and political pundits wondering what this hullabaloo has been all about.

It has been all sizzle but no steak. In channeling John Boehner’s, one may ask, where is the steak, Mr. Chairman?

That said, the investigation gave Hilary a platform to show case her command of foreign policies, leadership abilities, temperament under pressure, and spunk when it matters.

Amid questioning that at times would cause the average person to flip Hillary showed she is made of much sterner stuff than perhaps the Republicans thought, she came away unscathed, and moreover, portrayed herself above the partisan fray as committee members bickered.

She took responsibility for the deaths of the Americans in the September 11, 2012, attacks and her contact with U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, one of the victims, after sending him to the North African country.

“I came here because I said I would. And I’ve done everything I know to do, as have the people with whom I worked, to try to answer your questions. I cannot do any more than that,” Clinton said during the grueling questioning exercise.

The fact is the divide between the Republicans and Democrats on the Benghazi investigation has been a thorny issue from the outset.

It has been dubbed by Democrats as a political witch hunt, political grand standing, and partisan fishing expedition, a charge stoutly denied and rejected by the Republicans.

“This is not a prosecution,” said committee chairman Republican Trey Gowdy.

“I have reached no conclusions,” he added.

Now, it begs the question, will there be a retrial?

Davy Desmond, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Editing by Jesus Chan

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