Hillary Bullish On Education — Raps GOP For Neglect

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has criticized Republicans for undermining public education during a recent campaign rally at Durham’s Hillside High School.

Photo Credit: Spark1498 - Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Photo Credit: Spark1498 – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

She gave her commitment at the rally that if elected she would be prepared to lead a national teacher recruitment effort and to promote early childhood education.

She lauded North Carolina for its commitment to public education. She later said, “We watched your Republican governor and legislature slowly erode the base of public education in this state.”

She also added, “Public education remains the foundation of our democracy.”

Clinton further argued that “teacher salaries have been slashed in North Carolina” – unmindful of the fact that the legislature increased pay for all teachers two years ago, and last year funded the second year of a two-year plan to raise pay for early career teachers.

“Education has been really attacked,” she said. “Of everything that can be attacked, why education?”

Furthermore, Clinton told the cheering crowd that she is running “to knock down every barrier that stands in your way.”

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