Hidden Love

Oh, how I wish to hold you in my arms

And protect you from all fears and harms

Although you are far away

I pray to be with you night and day


I love you my dear

And there’s a lot I’d like to share

Red roses, wine, and candlelight dinner too

And to look you in the eye and say I love you boo


There’s no contest I must confess

You’re the princess my soul possess’

Beautiful and sweet with you I feel complete

You are my heartbeat that only love can defeat


I am imbued with thoughts of you

And each new day I pledge my love anew

I feel so empty without you my love

And to be by your side is my only resolve


Although our distance brings me sorrow

Am gonna love you like there’s no tomorrow

I reflect on your absence in my moments of silence

And I resort to patience as my heart’s only defense


Your favorite song I can’t wait to sing

Just like when we first met in spring

For you my dear I’ll be faithful and strong

Because heavens know, in my arms you belong

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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