Guyana In New School Opening Uproar

Following a three-day strike called by the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) to protest the lockout or removal of teachers from schools because they are not vaccinated or do not have a negative COVID test.

The government has said that teachers who supported the strike action will not be paid.

According to press reports, the GTU General Secretary, Coretta Mc Donald, said in a virtual meeting of teachers that “The Guyana Teachers Union is not against vaccination. We are against forced vaccination. We are against our teachers being prevented from entering their places of work.”

However, the Ministry of Education has since warned teachers that monies would be deducted from their salaries for days not worked.

“The Ministry reminds all that teachers who do not work do not get paid,” the Ministry said.

The Education Ministry added that “There is no grievance/basis for strike action and urges all teachers, parents, and administrators not to fall prey to the political machinations of Coretta McDonald and the small cabal of self-serving individuals who have hijacked the Guyana Teachers Union.”

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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