Google Suggests 10 Tips To Increase Revenue

Google Suggests 10 Tips To Increase RevenueHow companies position themselves and treat with customers in the market place will not only make a difference in their bottom line but also will separate an average company from one which is excellent.

The fact is revenue is a function of marketing and in a competitive marketing environment one has to uniquely provide solutions to customers problems or provide them with some sorts of benefits.

That said, attracting and keeping customers must be the starting point. Now if any company knows how to do this well, it is Google.

Here are ten tips shared with publishers by Google to boost revenue.

1)  Create great content

Creating genuinely useful, original content is placed at the top of Google’s list. This helps to attract loyal readers that will not only return but also bring others with them. Keeping content refreshingly fresh is the bottom line.

2)  Mix it up with text ads and image ads

Text and image ads are the way to go if you want to impact your revenue. Choosing to show both types of ads increases the competition and may help in driving more revenue. Don’t be a one burner or a lone ranger – text and image ads gives the ying and yang effect as well as the bang for the bucks.

3)  Think multi-channel

Mix it up or else one could be missing a trick so incorporate ads as part of your online games, video content, mobile site and apps. Adding Google search box is also an added bonus as ads on the search result pages can also generate revenue.

4)  Experiment, experiment, experiment

When in doubt find out. Trying different ads to see what works best for one is important as ads work differently across sites. Also one cannot afford to ignore the combination of color, placement, and size as part of experimenting.

5)  Track your success – and have more

AdSense reports should be viewed as indispensable. Learning to read and understand the report will help one to capitalize on the output from the report in generating revenue.

6)  Control the ads that appear on your site

Use ads that best matches or compliments your site content.

7)  Don’t miss your personalized tips

Making use of optimization tips can boost revenue by at least 10%. Specific tips for improvement are usually sent via AdSense account or emails.

8)  Connect with your audience

Social media presence with a Google+ page will help build relationship with customers. This will not only help build relationship with customers, but will provide an easy way to share content – the bonus is more traffic.

9)  …and connect with other publishers

Participate in the AdSense publishers community is a plus as well as the workshops staged for publishers. This will assist in keeping abreast with the latest happenings – news, tips, ideas from the publishers community is a win, win undertaking.

10)  Make sure your site complies with Google’s policies

A  mutual long, lasting, and successful partner relationship should be one’s aim with AdSense. Abiding by Google policies is the only way to realize this.

One is reminded to:

Avoid implementations that may lead to accidental clicks.

Keep content family-safe.

Make sure one has the rights to any content one monetize.