Google Glass – What To Expect?

Google has been doing research and development on a project known by the name of Project Glass, in which Google plans to launch a ubiquitous computer. But unlike ordinary computers, this computer will not rest on a table or your lap; instead it will be a wearable computer with an OHMD (optical head mounted display) and will be called Google Glass. The computer has already created immense hype in the market and is expected to be the most anticipated tech product in the coming year 2014.

google Glass 2The first versions of Google Glass have already been launched and are being used by tech specialists; however Google Glass is expected to be made available for public by April 2014. The Google Glass basically displays information in a hands free format and has the ability to communicate with the internet via user’s voice commands.

So what exactly does the Google Glass do? In simple words, Google Glass can perform multiple functions; most of them are the ones which you do with your smartphone while others are those which even your smartphone can not do for you. Here is a list of simple tasks which Google Glass can do for you:

  • Display time and weather forecast
  • Take a picture
  • Record a video
  • Share ,what you are seeing live, with friends and family
  •  Give directions
  • Send messages

And all these tasks are performed hands-free, just with voice commands. Now moving on to the complex functions which can be performed by Google Glass.

  • Google Glass can record and display the distance travelled, whether on foot or on a vehicle. The glass displays the distance you travelled, time it took you to travel the distance, the average speed, and your daily progress. Moreover, you can even compare your stats with your friends and show them your progress.
  • You can take screenshots of what you are seeing live with Google Glass.
  • You can ask Google Glass to find recipes for you on the internet and display them on the glass while you make them. So not only the ingredients are displayed on the glass, but the step-by-step instruction guide is displayed as well right in front of your eyes.
  • If you come across a famous building or a bridge, you can search it on the internet using Google Glass and all the relevant information regarding what are seeing will be displayed on the glass for you.
  • The Word Lens in the Google Glass allows you to translate one language to another. So while traveling, you can easily translate road signs and menus from a foreign language to a language you can easily understand without carrying a dictionary or a digital translator.
  • The GolfSight feature in the Google Glass displays the accurate pin distance on the glass, wind direction, course data, scoring information and even the score card. So now you can enjoy playing golf without carrying a paper and a pen.
  • Google Glass enables you to research latest songs, tracks and albums on the internet.

Google Glass is expected to take technology products and gadgets to a brand new level. People all across the globe impatiently wait for Google Glass to be made public so that they can discover new boundaries and horizons using the ultimate Google Glass.

Readers Bureau Contributor