Giving From Our Spirits

As time unfolds to reveal who you are, you may be more concerned about where you are. Admittedly, you like me may become aware that roads taken offer insight into our yesterday, and lost or found, a chance to demand from others what they promised, or from ourselves what we promised.

Borrow or lend can prompt a scene, cries from strong men,” You did me wrong”.

“What is a man to do if called a thief”? We are practiced in causing grief. Where you are is not unrelated to who you are.

At some point, roads lead us perhaps to places we had not intended. Hopefully, we can lead roads to places and spaces where joy and bounty are common, and thieves make restitution instead of destitution. How so? By giving from our spirits first.

We doubted the content of our pockets then as we mistakenly believed and manifested how others told us to see, be, and understand ourselves. In the process of being “them”, we invariably turned away from being “us”. It matters little that our pockets had holes. Don’t look so shocked. We were practicing making even more holes.

Come this Old year to be made New, separation of a single tick tock, perhaps a mouse scampering on fine linen, or worse, I am tasked with what I can hardly mask. To make a success of the new even as I have made a mess of the old.

There is an interesting way to answer this call. If you tell the mouse thanks for showing you where you are, even as you show him the door, he will mark the tick-tock in which you moved from where you are to be who you were meant to be. And Be, you shall.

We capture memories of our better days but not necessarily our better selves. That aspect of us waits for us on the other side of our New Year resolution. Strange as that may sound, our better days are there also, awaiting our resolve not to blame or accuse, just to agree to live from our spirits. Be Amazing.

Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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