Getting Your Diet Right

There is so much false information out there these days that it can be very difficult to know what is bad or good for you. This is a problem because you could be avoiding foods or activities that you think are bad for you when they are, in fact, quite good for you. The reverse is even worse when you think you are doing all the rights things to be healthy and these things are ultimately hurting you.

Stop believing in diet myths. Here are a few suggestions that you may want to consider as you think about living healthy for the new year.

1. Go for high-intensity interval training and strength training which are muscle preserving and increase your metabolic rate.

2. Eat less processed foods and carbohydrates. Eating less of what you are already eating is not doing you anything good. To preserve muscle and promote fat loss, eat fiber, protein, and fat at each meal.

3. Go for high fat and/or high protein breakfast which have little to no effect on insulin.

4. Break your fast in the morning by drinking a glass of lemon water.

5. Eat healthy fat to give your body the essential nutrients it needs for optimal functioning.

6. Save your money and skip the juice detox. If you want a juice, drink a vegetable-based juice.

7. Exercise smarter by doing more interval training and strength training.

8. Eat smarter by eating fiber, fat, and protein at each meal.

9. Eat more vegetables, protein, and fat while cutting back on sugar and carbohydrates.

10. Make your exercise count — a 30-minute walk daily is very useful.

11. Cut down on red meat intake. 

Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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