Germany Halts Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recognition of the two breakaway regions of Ukraine and the ordering of troops into the region, Germany has halted the certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline designed to bring natural gas from Russia directly to Europe.

Germany’s chancellor, Olaf Scholz, said his country would not accept the recognition of the two self-proclaimed pro-Russian separatist regions in the Donbas area of eastern Ukraine and that Germany had to reassess the situation regarding Nord Stream 2.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden announced a raft of new sanctions against Russia. He said it would cut off its government from Western financing and punish elites who benefit from the Kremlin’s corrupt policies.

At the same time, the U.K. has imposed sanctions on five Russian banks and three wealthy individuals.

Mr. Johnson says further sanctions will follow if Mr. Putin goes further.

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