German Ambassador Pushes For A Piece Of The Action In Jamaica

Ambassador to push for more investments

germanyJoachim Schmillen, German Ambassador to Jamaica, is bullish on Jamaica and has made it clear that he will be using his position to influence the generation of more investments to Jamaica from his home country.
Mr Schmillen, who was speaking at the launch of the sixth generation BMW 7 series in Jamaica, said while German investments in Jamaica have largely been through brand representation, he’s looking to have more foreign direct investments from his country.

“I like that more Germans are looking to the Caribbean and especially to Jamaica, because I see here a lot of opportunities,” he said.

In that regard, he cited renewable energy as a prime example of the investment opportunities that Germans might be interested in.

Pointing to the prevalence of wind and sunshine in Jamaica, he said he saw “the possibility to increase the production of energy with renewable energy.”

That he said was “only one example” of the investment opportunities emerging in Jamaica.

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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