Full-Time College Student At Age 11

Eleven-year-old Catalina “Catty” Lemmon may be young but make no mistake when it comes to the book she displays knowledge way beyond her years.

This precocious young miss boasts twelve credits of trigonometry, art, information literacy, and music in her early sojourn at Dixie State University(DSU).

With her mother’s strong support, Catty is not only excelling in her classes at university but has also adjusted well to the campus life.

She is the youngest student in DSU’s history, and she’s currently the youngest full-time college student in the state of Utah.

Catty showed marked distinction in her academic prowess from as early as age 4 while she was in kindergarten.

She completed grades one through eight in just four years, she also supplemented her studies by attending private schools to improve her skills in Math and English.

“There’s no rulebook for a kid like Catty,” her mother Asia reportedly said. “DSU has been so nice and flexible. They’ve gone out of their way to give her a scholarship, and all of her teachers are OK with having an 11-year-old in class.”

She aced her math placement test with a perfect score thus setting her on the path of taking trigonometry and calculus in the same semester.

Catty excels at Math and art and consequently hope to find a career that combines the two, like motion picture computer-generated imagery.

“She’s a huge computer geek, so she wants to do something that uses her computer skills,” posited her mother.

Catty was raised alongside her younger brother by Asia, who was a widowed single mother. Asia said she was able to focus on her children 24/7, teaching them about negative numbers and how to read by the time they were 3 years old.

“I just kept throwing concepts at them to see what would stick,” Asia said. “She would come up with her own concepts to grasp things.”

It was a combination of natural ability and lots of hard work to get Catty to where she is today, Asia said.

Catty is conscious of her status on campus and this to say, “I’m just another student.”

She added, “People think I’m around 15. They don’t realize that even after I graduate college, I will still be too young to drive or get a job.”

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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