Former Jamaica’s Prime Minister Calls for Change In West Indies Cricket Setup

Former Jamaica’s Prime Minister P. J. Patterson argued in an interview on that Cricket West Indies must take action in short order to put West Indies cricket back on the right track.

He said, “There is the view that West Indies cricket belongs to the six territorial boards. I do not accept that and the majority of the people in the Caribbean do not accept that. West Indies Cricket belongs to the West Indian people and therefore the group that runs West Indies cricket must reflect all the interest of the Caribbean people.” 

Mr. Patterson further said, “We can’t have a situation where persons seem to be more concerned in promoting insular territorial self-interest and not responding to the collective needs of our people.”

The former Prime Minister’s appeal comes against the backdrop of the latest independent cricket review released two weeks ago.

He also posited that several reports had been tabled before with little or no implementation.

Meanwhile, former West Indies wicketkeeper-batsman Jeffery Dujon said there is a need for a change in the governance structure of West Indies cricket. 

Dujon said it had been suggested before that the board should be dissolved and a different structure put in place.

He lamented the pussyfooting over the years and noted the need for more notable changes.

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