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Former Jamaica’s Boxing Champion Bunny Grant Dead At 78

Be a big fighter
‘Stead of a dance crasher
Let me tell you, whao
Be a gentleman, whao
You could be a champion, whao
Like Mr. Bunny Grant, whao

Alton Ellis – Dance Crasher

George Leslie “Bunny” Grant, the 78-year-old former Jamaican professional boxer who fought in several different weight divisions died after battling illness for more than six months.

Grant was Jamaica’s trailblazer in boxing in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. He retired in 1977 after a successful career in boxing.

He won the Jamaican lightweight title, Jamaican welterweight title, Central American light welterweight title, Latin American junior welterweight title, and British Commonwealth lightweight title.

Grant was also a challenger for the World Boxing Council (WBC) light welterweight title and World Boxing Association (WBA) World light welterweight title against Eddie Perkins, as well as Commonwealth welterweight title against Clyde Gray.

He was released from hospital recently after being admitted last month with a second stroke.

According to press reports, Grant lost his sight some time ago and had suffered a first stroke three years ago.

Grant, who fought in several weight divisions in his 19-year career, retired with a ring record of 52 wins, 15 losses and five draws from 73 fights.

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