Former CWI President Dave Cameron Calls For Holistic Approach To Managing West Indies Cricket

Former Cricket West Indies (CWI) president Dave Cameron believes the regional body will continue to struggle with having its best players consistently available as long as cricket’s current model remains.

With lucrative deals available all over the globe in recent years, it has become more difficult for boards like CWI and New Zealand Cricket always to have their best players available.

The two boards cannot pay comparable wages for bi-lateral series to what players earn playing for franchises.

According to Cameron, “ICC is really run by the powerful boards so whatever they want gets happen. The CEO is from Australia, the chairman is from New Zealand, the head of the major committees are from either England or India or Australia. And so, therefore, what happens in other countries is not that important.”

The former President said most of the major decisions are made based on the three major economies.

Moreover, he said the IPL and CPL should compensate CWI for the players’ unavailability and the use of foreign players in the local league.

He also noted that unless a holistic approach is taken in managing West Indies cricket, the board will always be at a financial disadvantage and would find it difficult to develop local facilities and players.

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