Fixing Stuff

 Our heroes may not escape criticism in our analysis. However, our villains may not merit scorn or derision for the simple reason that inspite of our valiant efforts to fix the mess we accuse them of, we are yet to revalue our dollar- the store of our values and production.

It is a waste of time to criticize those leaders who have passed on. Whatever their shortcomings or perceived blindness it is our time at bat and the dollar- under our steward- fears worse.

So, our arguments ” If the Trojan Horse had been left outside our fortified gates, or shot through with arrows before being taken in, we would not have lost the war” rings hollow. With our best sentries on duty we didn’t even detect the enemy outside our gate, or that our lauded and much hyped warriors to the death ferociousness had been breached.

Indeed, our perplexity at finding the Trojan Horse on our doorstep should have been considered an affront to our Generals and sue for peace, instead of lionizing our pussy cat. Clearly, an undetected Trojan Horse under our nose has already delivered the terms of our surrender.

The issue is not that the Trojan Horse compromised us, but that we were and remain outflanked. Let’s say we are mad as hell about the enemy’s brazen and ill-advised incursion in our sphere of influence, are we going to return the unwanted and unsolicited gift, or better yet demand it be retrieved forthwith or be destroyed? Would you bet on that happening? And since that is a “No”, the concern should move from whom allowed Trojan Horses to come into our fortified gates to recognize that our fort is a figment of our imagination.

It is more far-reaching to admit our error and do something about it than to point a finger at another. Forget about court-martial of the sentries. Apart from their certain acquittal if they retain the services of a half-decent lawyer, if the sentries had seen or heard an intrusion and raised an alarm, would we have roused ourselves at that ungodly hour of the night to repel the enemy’s stealth?

My evolution from “Who let the Trojan Horse in?”, to the realization that our enemy prevailed because we consider our secure fortification an expense we cannot afford. That’s it. Nothing more.

Having read us like a book, any enemy can beat us like a drum or play us like a fiddle and discard us at their pleasure.

However unsightly the massacre unleashed or grievous the wounds we have sustained, we repair our health and wealth by affording our care, promises, and commitments to each other. We rise and fall by keeping watch faithfully on our watch.

Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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