Fixing Stuff By Fixing You

How does someone see you? Very often we get another to answer the question by the way they  “defend you or describe your unbearable situation” that needs urgent relief. Sounds good? Follow me closely.

The next step in this narrative comes from the assumption that this person sees me clearly. We elect this person to a position of leadership and advocacy and Boom!

“Boom! What’s Boom?”

“Boom is the sound of our disappointment at his  inability to fix our issues even as his situation is improved and secured at our expense”.

Post analysis answer to the original question gives us ” We swap Black Dog for Monkey, and No Better Herring No Better Barrel, and occasionally we disparage him as a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes” and we proceed to do it all over again,  hoping this time the person we choose will be better. And Boom!

Boom? Again? What’s going on?

Go back to “How does someone sees you?” But this time ask, “How do I see myself?”

“What’s the difference?”

Here’s my take.

Another person sees you in terms of your difficulties. And that creates an “I’ll help you because I understand and empathize with you”. And Boom!

You see you in terms of your aspirations. Full Stop!!!

“What about you seeing you in terms of your difficulties and harsh circumstances? For those are indisputable facts!”

“Away with the facts! And Run the SOB! Run any SOB who sees you in terms of your unfortunate circumstances and the disadvantages you have suffered and endured. And if you used to think of yourself and see yourself as disadvantaged and unfortunate Run You Too.

Never let who you are be defined or described by any negative circumstances or connotations, especially by those who you elect to lead you, love you, or advocate for you.

If your lawyer gets up in court to plea for you and describes you as poor,  unfortunate, and broken, jump up and shout,” Objections! Your Honour!

That lawyer should be fired if he cannot advocate for you based on your aspirations and only your aspirations.

When you or anyone sees yourself in terms of your problems, except for the Grace and Mercy of God, they – make that we- make the problems more and worse.

“But the facts are …?”

The facts of yesterday are not important. The only important things here are your aspirations and your attitude. They will bend every knee to a bow and confess.

Depending on how we look at life we – more often than not- make bad worse, and instead of “Better Mus’ Come!”, we get Bitter Beating Down Our Doors!”

‘Politrix’ doesn’t capture the fundamental misunderstanding of what’s at the root of our suicide that is being investigated as friendly fire.

Live strong and stretch that horizon. Insist and persist towards your aspirations.  Cheers!

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Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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