FCC Gives Internet Users A Break!

Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Network neutrality symbol.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Network neutrality symbol.

Members of the public have been on edge and had feelings of anxiety as they await the outcome of the decision of Federal Communication Commission (FCC) on net neutrality.

Now, they can all breathe a sigh of relief as the FCC has voted in favor of a strong net neutrality rule to keep the Internet open and free.

This decision has not gone down well with some major companies, lobbyist, and of course members of the Republican party, consequently; they have all vowed to fight this decision with every ounce of energy they possessed.

What is net neutrality?

Simply put, it means everyone having equal access to Internet traffic equally.

Unfortunately, some stakeholders are opposed to this and would rather see people with the most money have faster traffic and better access to the Internet.

The fact is more than any other invention of our time; the Internet has unlocked possibilities undreamed of a generation ago.

Today, we’ve seen such incredible growth and innovation unleashed by the Internet that it boggles the mind.

With net neutrality, an entrepreneur’s fledgling company has the same chance to succeed as established corporations; access to a high school student’s blog cannot be unfairly slowed down to make way for advertisers with more money and moreover, everyone has equal Internet access.

Davy Desmond, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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