Fazeer Mohammed: CWI Board Of Directors Role Questioned

Leading Caribbean journalist and cricket commentator Fazeer Mohammed in an interview on popular Jamaica’s radio station Hitz 92 FM’s program Sports Grill questioned the role of Cricket West Indies Board of Directors in the management of cricket within the region.

This comes against the background of accusations made against former CWI’s President Dave Cameron led administration of mismanagement and failure to deal with long-term sustainability following an audit from PKF.

“If it is as Dave Cameron says in his defense that all of these things were signed off to and approved by the directors, it can’t be a situation where it would have been undocumented and secretly done. It might be the strengths of Dave Cameron’s personality that would have railroaded certain things, but then why do you have a board?” questioned Mohammed.

Mohammed further argued that if incompetence or corruption are raised against Cameron, the same should go for all the directors.

Cameron had earlier rubbished claims made in an audit report that was leaked to cricket website espncricinfo and has threatened legal action against the regional governing body unless it hands over a copy of the report critical of his period in office.

A letter from Cameron’s attorneys stated in part, “In the circumstances, and having regard to the basic principles of fairness and the right of our client to protect his reputation, our client demands, without prejudice to any rights he may now have, a full copy of this report within 48 hours, and the right to respond fully to all of the questions, comments or allegations made by PKF, and statements made by Mr. Holding and the President within 21 days.”

It noted further, “Should CWI whether by way of the Board or management or otherwise seek in the meantime to publish the report, or refuse to meet our client’s demands for a copy of the report and time to respond, our client will have no alternative but to seek the appropriate orders and remedies from the High Court.”

Meanwhile, Cameron is getting support from one of the current directors, Barbadian Calvin Hope, who was intimately involved in the board’s decisions over the period in question.

Concerns were raised about Cameron getting a US $50,000 bonus after securing a projected US $128 million from the ICC over eight years.

Hope stressed that the Jamaican had the full support of the 17 directors as the board upgraded from a $14 million deal.

He stated, “This suggestion was made by a board member, an independent board member, by the way, and the board agreed that they should set up a committee to look at the matter of giving an honorarium for this work. And section 50.7 of the articles of association states that if any director goes beyond the call of duty, it allows for the board to make a decision to give the person an honorarium.”

Hope expressed reservation in passing judgment on what he views as the seed of discord, but he opined that he is on the board to work.

Nigel Bell, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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