Fazeer Mohammed And Fans Lambast Windies Performance In ODI Qualifier

“And for the first time in One Day Internationals, Scotland have overturned the West Indies, comfortably done by 7 wickets. For the first time in the history of the men’s Cricket World Cup, the West Indies team will not be a part of the event later this year In India. This is gut wrenching,” said Ian Bishop as he ended commentary on the back of West Indies exit from the ICC ODI qualifier in Zimbabwe.

For the first time in 48 years, the ICC Cricket World Cup will not feature the two-time champions West Indies after their qualification hopes were crushed by Scotland, and this has not gone down well at home and abroad among fans and pundits.

They blasted the Windies’ team for its poor performance on various social media platforms and in traditional media.

On the website, fans vented accordingly:

Jnaveen: Unbelievable. 3 Time finalists getting knocked out this way. They probably will finish closer to the bottom even inf qualification round.

Under say a captain like MSD the same team will perform far better than this. Nobody is able to get the best out of these players.

Doorsa: A slow grinding death.

Narper: Sammy standing all alone…reminds of batting coach Monty in OZ…banished by ICM to the boundary.

Hubert: Yes. Batting flopped..time for redemption.. bowlers and fielders must now step up..or as they say on the street. ‘Man Up’

Jacksparrow: Well so much for Darren Sammy as coach, and Hooper as assistant. Hoops was questionable in my mind but I wanted to give Sammy a chance, but was I wrong. This is unbelievable the depth we have sunk too. Looks like the Test arena is where we can have some hope.

Fans also turned to Twitter to voice their disappointment on the poor cricket display by the once renowned calypso cricketers who dominated world cricket for nearly two decades.

Some of the tweets on Twitter include:

Raj Singh


In this WC Qualifiers 4 West Indies. I don’t know who is selecting the team. #DarrenSammy was a good captain but pathetic in coaching, they drop Mayers against Netherlands & now drop Chase Vs. Scotland. SELECTORS & COACH ARE EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LOSS



Congratulations Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿! 5 years after that LBW, rain & heartbreak vs West Indies, the Scots finally take their revenge to send Windies packing out of WC contention! This Super Six is still alive for them.


If you thought scotland were the favourites. Whats your opinion on Oman vs West Indies? Can Oman Beat them?

On the other hand, regional journalist, and cricket commentator Fazeer Mohammed blasted the West Indies management and players for their output.

In an interview on, he first poured scorn on those calling for a breakup of the West Indies into individual teams.

“I mean the level of ignorance is bewildering and that that’s why I’m not a fan of social media because it gives everyone a voice, no problem that, but I think we should be able to differentiate the doughnuts from what is viable,” said Mohammed.

Asked whether he thought that the comments made by the coaches could have impacted the players’ performance negatively.

He argued that, if anything, it should have inspired them to perform better, even based on personal pride.

Mohammed noted that playing beyond the coach’s expectations and commanding respect should have been the players’ approach.

He said the West Indies had shown a steady decline over the years, and to date, there’s yet to be any serious actions taken to address the problems.

“We have many Cricket Board Presidents, we’ve had many different administrations, we’ve had many different iterations of Cricket West Indies. It started at the West Cricket Board of Control then West Indies Cricket Board, now Cricket West Indies, we’ve had many different changes, we’ve had changes in personnel, we’ve had different formats introduced, yet the common denominator remains decline.”

He said placing trust in personalities has not helped, although there has been a lot of appeal towards that end.

“So, expecting that Darren Sammy or Gordon Greenwich or Viv Richards would bring about the transformation because the so and so is a legend or XYZ is a great or this one is a superhero really means that we are missing the point of this thing completely.”

He added, “This is a generational decline. You hear a lot of people talk about, you know, I remember the great days of Brian Lara, Chris Gayle, and Ramnaresh Sarwan. How many people actually study that period and realize that the West Indies spend series after series losing Test series 5 Mil five nil Three nil two nil three nil four nil 5 nil.”

“Losing Test matches every day of the week. We were distracted by the brilliant individual performances, but from 1997 until last year, the West Indies lost on average 5 Test matches every year,” said Mohammed.

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