ExxonMobil Shareholders Reject Call For Information Disclosure In Guyana Operations

ExxonMobil shareholders have supported their Board of Directors and voted overwhelmingly to reject a proxy measure for additional disclosures on a worst-case scenario oil spill response plan for the company’s Guyana operations.

Even as the company highlighted to its shareholders that Guyana has been one of its main revenue earners and its operations were on target to ensure a solid balance sheet as projected, some 86.7 percent of shareholders voted against the resolution.

Shareholders had requested that the company issue a report evaluating the economic, human, and environmental impacts of a worst-case oil spill from its operations offshore Guyana. 

The report should be prepared at reasonable expense, omit proprietary or privileged information, and clarify the extent of the company’s cleanup response commitments given the potential for severe impacts on Caribbean economies.

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