Escaping Bad Outcomes

Start the conversation this way: Life is participatory. It is a general principle that allows your views in a contested encounter to be influenced beyond the tug and pull of your swirling chaotic emotions.

A few other well-known ideas that fall under this principle are, “By the sweat of your brow ….,” and “As a man sows so shall he reap”.

Some folks interpret,” By the sweat of your brow ….,” to be sin-induced and hence a pejorative. I find that position harsh and inimical to embracing the participatory value of a thing without knowing its nature or power.

For example, can one know the value of “Turning the other cheek” without knowing the nature of this phenomenon? Or recognize that it is a vehicle by and through which realignment of power can be achieved? And if it is, how then can it be considered a pejorative by someone in the know?

Our harsh experiences have often lent themselves to convenient answers that explain our disappointment but do nothing for changing an unfavorable situation.

But an explanation should not only say with certainty things passed, but it should also echo its prescription to change and predict the future. How so? Because life is participatory.

What we are working with to accommodate the future is not so much knowledge or even understanding of the principles governing life, but an awareness which when embraced affects our attitude, and that is a prerequisite for the worlds we wish to enter in.

Perhaps it will surprise you that our single most important asset that we bring to life and to influence life is our attitude, which is an extension and an embodiment of our beliefs.

So, if our beliefs about a particular thing are out of whack, or whacky, the difficulty to changing the situations to get good outcomes are not external to us. In other words, the problem is not them — it is us.

It is our attitude which are the barriers. So, we have to be cognizant of the ideas and opportunities for participatory engagements and engineering which are the planks of the bridges we must build to cross or part our Red Seas.

There exists, because of the subtle capture of our outlook and the group think of our analysis, an error filled and resultant exhaustion to our endeavors. That is not without consequences, but it is also an opportunity to put our attitude-our greatest asset perhaps- to work and as needed, be adjusted by the participatory requirements of life.

Our hope to escape bad outcomes is not a finger in the wind assessment. Our wind, ill or good, is a brew concocted of our attitudes.

Which brew, or witches’ brew, they are not all the same, but our willingness to trust the participatory nature of life’s offering requires a simple if not enthusiastic yes. We make progress by overcoming ourselves.

We do not make progress by overcoming others. Be Attitude.

Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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