Engage All Five Senses For Valentine’s Day

valentinesRoses, chocolate, perfume, and lingerie, we have done all of that stuff guys! Can we get back to basics? I am suggesting that the focus be put on your significant other which does not depend heavily on what you bought (or credited) to make the day special. Couples who are truly evolved do not need a commercialized day to do something special for each other to express love, appreciation, and affection.

Highly effective couples create Cupid’s magic anytime, anywhere and best of all, any day. A love note slipped in the pocket, date night mid-week, a back rub, full body massage, and breakfast in bed are few of the surprises to inject an element of surprise and spice things up.

The truth of the matter is the good old-fashioned romance where the ambience is created at home still works especially if the budget is low or modest.

Tips for making this Valentine’s Day the Best Ever


Entice and tease the visual sense by making a statement which clearly says “I have taken the time and effort to make the evening special for you!”. Lingerie and boxer shorts are big hits especially in black or red, soft cotton or silk.


What is her/his taste in music? Do you know or even care? There is nothing like creating the mood and having his/her favorite music play in the background.


Aphrodisiac foods are foods which have been associated with increasing the libido. For some fruits, spices and vegetables have nutrients and minerals that enhance the production of sex hormones. Hands down here are some favorites:

  • Chocolate, vanilla, honey, oats
  • Almond, Brazil nut
  • Avocado, tomato, celery, pumpkin
  • Water melon, cherry, strawberry, apple, cranberry, mango, banana
  • Mushroom, garlic, pepper
  • Champagne, red wine
  • Oyster, lobster, shrimp, conch, tuna
  • Ginseng, goji berry, acai berry


Au natural or enhanced by pheromones, smell plays a key role in the mating process. The perfume industry has known this fact and continues to profit because of the demand for the hypnotizing effect of a well distilled perfume or musk cologne. Interestingly a cheap bottle of perfume and cologne has quite the opposite effect and can be a big turn off.


Much has been written and sung about the slow, feather-like, light magical touch. The entire body is a landscape and network of sensitive nerves. Be an explorer and happy wanderer. Create your own shades and just be intuitive.

…and then some

I do not need to remind you that clean is sexy from head to toe. Clean and fresh mouth, well-manicured nails, non-melly feet and so on.

Be imaginative and good luck!

Readers Bureau, Contributor

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