Embracing A Vision!

Whether and even as what you say is true, the consideration you claim as a remedy will be honored more in the breach than in the reach. Why that is the legacy and the status quo should be as much about history as it is about the dynamism of being misunderstood. Let us be aware that any problem not properly understood is going to challenge us again and again. And the ones you understand? Not so much.

The fare to attend a sporting event may seem unfair, and it may appear a glare as others do not have to pay. In the main, that should not be your concern, but that you fulfill what’s asked of you.

It matters little, I think, if that asked is grudging to the task, or if the slights intended seek to remind you of where you had been, or to visit a place where another’s inferiority is to be assured. That there is discrimination is not the issue. For unless your tears become pools of blood, and in that there is evidence of slight but reluctant relief, the fear then anger you evoke will give permission for your harm, and like the slaves of Egypt whose freedom was regretted, the insecurity you now carry cannot but to you be faithful.

If you are tasked with high expectations from whatever source, can you like others assume it to be a burden? And if you are “excused” and quoted for low expectations would you fight tooth and nail to have the birthright honored? At some point in this amazing race where the markers seem to be changing every day that ends in y (why), except for tomorrow, we have to become intuitive to our probabilities when they respond to fear and displacement and our possibilities when we stay focus on our passion for excellence and insistence on quality as our contribution to life.

Cry me a river may work. Appealing to the better angels among us to join our fight for justice can also work, though my own enthusiasm is yet to be secured. But if you have to fight for equality and fairness when the only acceptable currency is your best which shows up unaccompanied by excuses for failure, it is far better to resolve that internal conflict with your insecurity to which you must be faithful and resolve like Joseph to be a husband and a father as you had always intended.

It is easier, I think, to ask of yourself the promises you made to you than to say to another, “But you swore, you took an oath to ………”. What you say is not wrong, but it is in many ways a case of the fear you evoke, yes unfairly, becoming a humbug to your progress. In these amazing days, our fidelity to a passion for excellence and unorthodoxy that is wedded to our commitment to dissipating others’ fears and misgivings need to be introduced into the conversation. It’s a vision we can embrace.

Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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