Elizabeth Warren Turns The Heat Up Under Trump In War Of Words

In a speech at the Democrats of Massachusetts state’s party convention, Senior Democratic Party Senator Elizabeth Warren threw down the gauntlet in her attack against Republican Party strong man and presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Elizabeth Warren.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia – Elizabeth Warren.

Already, Warren has gain the reputation as the only person who is able to tame Trump by getting him to temper his utterances in press.

Warren described Trump as scary, loud, outrageous, offensive, small, a failure, and a fraudster-in-chief.

She had earlier pummeled Trump in a war of words on twitter calling him a bully and a loser.

She also said then that Trump has built his campaign on “racism, sexism, and xenophobia.”

In her no holds barred speech, the Massachusetts senator attacked Trump on a range of different issues such as climate change,  Wall Street, women, education, and immigration, among others.

Warren spent a significant time echoing recent attacks from Hillary Clinton against Trump University, the Republican presumptive nominee’s troubled real-estate seminar program.

“It was like a used car dealership—except that’s not fair to used car dealerships,” Warren said of Trump University.

“His playbook said to look for people with problems; they make good targets,” Warren added.

Warren continued, “These were ordinary folks who were targeted because they had problems and Trump saw they were vulnerable and he could make a buck.”

She further said, “Here’s a man who builds a business to profit off other peoples’ pain. He wants to be Commander in Chief, but he’s only qualified to be Fraudster-in-Chief.”

Warren also said she would do everything possible to bar Trump from setting foot into the White House as President.

“I’m in this fight all the way to try to stop Donald Trump,” she said, adding that she is “going to try to help out every way I can,” Warren stated.

Carol Maye, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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