Elizabeth Warren Plays “Mama” To The Ninety Nine Percent

Senior U.S. Democrat from Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, known for her courageous fight for middle-class families, again hit the Sunday talk shows this week to voice her concerns on what ails working-class Americans today.

Speaking on CBS’s Face the Nation program with host Margaret Brennan, the Senator said Democrats win when they identify with the masses.

She channeled the inability of the ninety-nine percent to cope with today’s high cost of living.

“We’ve got millions of people across this country who say they’re not ready for their student loan payments to resume, that they simply can’t manage those loan burdens. We’ve got millions of people across this country who can’t fill up on a tank of gas, so they’ll be able to get to work this week. As Democrats, we need to deliver. We need to hit costs head on and we have the power to do that. We’ve got less than 200 days left, though. And instead of looking backwards, let’s look forward. Let’s get done what we can get done for the American people who elected us, for the American people who are counting on us,” said Senator Warren.

She noted that the Biden administration needs to do right by the people by delivering on the promise made during the election.

In answering the question posed on student loans, she noted that “the president has the authority to cancel student loan debt and the best way we know that is because President Obama did it, President Trump did it, and President Biden has now done it repeatedly.”

The power is clearly there; she argued, “they have canceled debt. They’ve both canceled it for people in certain categories entirely, but they have also canceled the interest that is due on people’s student loans. They haven’t deferred it. They have canceled it because the power of the cancellation is already in the statute. President Obama, President Trump, President Biden have all done it.”

She underscored the point that cancellation of student loan debt is “what tens of millions of people of need.”

She noted the charge of debt cancellation being inflationary was balderdash.

“No, it is not inflationary. Not paying student loans has been baked in for three years now. But keep in mind, as President Biden himself says, the way we deal with inflation is not by making people poorer. The way we deal with inflation is we attack high prices head on, price gouging. We straighten out the supply chain so goods can come into people. We attack it head on, not by trying to make people poorer. Canceling student loan debt is something that would be good for people all across this country and more importantly, good for our economy overall,” she said.

She posited that giant companies should not be allowed to engage in price gouging, and although everyone was not on board the Build Back Better agenda, negotiations will continue.

Senator Warren said the Democrats still have time to deliver the goods Americans are for from the party.

“We’ve got- look, we’ve got nearly 200 days before the next election. We need to be out there fighting. And what we need to fight for are the things that touch America’s families directly. People are counting on us, and we can’t just sit back and play politics. We need to be in the fight on behalf of the American people. And that means people who are struggling with student loan debt, people who are struggling with high prices, people who are worried about this pandemic,” she argued.

Additionally, she said that even without a Franklin Roosevelt majority, her party could get things done as not everything needs to pass through Congress, for example, attacking corruption.

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