Dwayne Bravo Says The ICC Needs To “Face Reality”

Critical Of The ICC Two-Tier Test Cricket Proposals

Dwayne Bravo, Trinidad, and West Indies cricketer is again in the spotlight, but not on the field of play this time.

Cricket BallBravo, the entertainer and all-rounder who bats right-handed and bowls right-arm medium-fast pace has openly criticized the International Cricket Council (ICC) for its shortsightedness in touting test cricket.

The World cricket’s governing body, ICC, is set to hold discussions with each of its member nations on a proposed league for Test cricket.

The proposal is said to be an attempt by the ICC to reignite interest in test cricket, which has decreased rapidly following the introduction of Twenty20 cricket.

Bravo, known for his aggressive batting in the middle order, “at the death” bowling as well as for his variety of length balls, has taken issue with the Cricket Council, claiming that the governing body is out of steps with the change in time and trend.

He declared in an interview on  that it will take more than just a two-tier divisional system to increase the popularity of Test cricket worldwide.

“It will struggle because of the shorter formats of the game,” according to the wily bowler, who retired from Test cricket in 2015.

He views the shorter format of the game as more entertaining and fan friendly.

“The kids look more towards the shorter format.”

“I think people just have to face reality, times change. Kids realize that it will benefit them financially if they play the shorter format of the game,” Bravo said in the report.

“As a Test player, those who are in charge have to do something differently to encourage people to play Test cricket,” he added.

“As professional players, this is what you do for a living. So it’s common sense, if you weight it up, if it doesn’t benefit you financially – players know and make decisions for their family and their careers,” Bravo told the interviewer.

Since 2004, Bravo has played 40 Test matches, 164 One Day Internationals and 55 Twenty20 Internationals for the West Indies.

He was a key member of the West Indies team that won the 2012 ICC World Twenty20 and 2016 ICC World Twenty20 titles.

Nigel Belle, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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