Drop Catches

We often explain failures by the impediments put in our way. If that erudite splash of wisdom and knowledge update leaves you educated as to why you are still in a dark hole, that piss ain’t no rain. It is foolishness.

The essence of where we are or have been is not to lament obstacles but rather to become intuitive of what you need from yourself to succeed. “I Can’t” doesn’t cut it. “We failed because others jack us up” is the excuse of the man who misunderstands himself.

For failure is really about the grand discovery that your concept of what it takes to succeed is finding the gems inside of you and employing them where rocks and sandy soil won’t do.

Imagine you are selected to bowl the final over of a cricket match where the opponents have wickets to spare and only need a run to win.

 The first ball is dropped by the keeper.

 The second ball is dropped at 2nd slip. Are you upset or cool?

You signal for a fielder at gully.

The third ball produces a diving catch, but the ball is dropped at the gully. Now everyone is watching for not only is the balance of power shifting; everyone is seeing what the power of balance can do.

 Prior to being given the ball this time around, the same batsman had beaten the bowler street and lane- as he had done every bowler who had faced him- and would repeat every time. Except, this time the batsman had sneered and spit on the ground while looking at you. And that’s when you wordlessly decided you would not only teach this SOB a lesson, but you were also going to take him to school and show him what a man who is acutely aware of who he is can do to the best of them.

 The fourth ball is blasted through the covers, but a diving fielder cannot hold on to the catch. You run over to high-five the fielder. You ask for a man at extra cover.

 The fifth ball flies like a programmed computer to extra cover and again the fielder does not disappoint even as he juggles the catch before putting it down. Now the batsman’s moment of truth has arrived. Yours too.

 People can take bets any which way they want on the match. They are at liberty to do so. Someone can even say, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” It’s over. That SOB can only hit the ball where you decide he hit it.

 The balance of power defers to the power of balance.

 So, as you signal for all the fielders to go deep, the spectators on their feet, and you bowl the last ball, my money is for a giant heave of his bat, and for all the bails to dance at your mastery.

 We do not lose because others bested us. We lose when we do not find the answers to the contempt others would heap on us. Be extraordinary.

Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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