Dr. Mansingh Surprised At Windies’ Senior Players Withdrawal From Bangladesh Tour

Dr. Mansingh, a member of Cricket West Indies’ (CWI) Medical Advisory Committee, who, along with security manager Paul Slowe visited Bangladesh in November, says having been impressed with what they saw, they were optimistic a full-strength Windies team would have made the trip.

He said he was taken aback by the number of players who pulled out from the tour.

“Surprise, yes, but the point is that in the end, as we said even then that it’s left to the sort of fears or perceived fears of the players and their comfort level for them to go,” said Dr. Mansingh while speaking in a press interview.

Mansingh, a consultant orthopedic surgeon, sports medicine physician, and cricket commentator noted that he would rather see players go with a clear mindset than the distraction of fear.

“I’d much rather see people go who are not afraid of extraneous circumstances and focus on their cricket than persons who would have had that in the back of their mind,” said Mansingh.

He said playing in a biosecure environment may have been a concern for players as they would be restricted in movement throughout the tour.

“I think the perception of a bubble or the sort of restriction of a bubble does stay on people’s minds. Remember that both in [Australia] and New Zealand they weren’t in a bubble, they were actually in quarantine, and once that was finished, they were free to roam in a society that was totally open,” he opined.

“So, perhaps going back into the bubble situation could have influenced them.”

He also said the tour is key to Bangladesh and noted that the Windies stand to gain nothing financially.

“It’s very important for Bangladesh to have a team tour. They need to prove to the world that they’re open for business so far as cricket is concerned, and for us, it’s our last foreign tour after which we have four home tours, so financially, the West Indies gained nothing by going to Bangladesh.”

At the same time, he said Bangladesh “gained an enormous amount just by hosting a successful series.”

“They are putting out all the stops; we are offering the support based on what they have shown us,” he added.

The Windies are due to arrive in Bangladesh on January 10.

Nigel Bell, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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