DoorDash Calls For All Hands On Deck

DoorDash is requesting that all of its employees, from its top CEO to its lowest rank employee, make a delivery at least once a month. 

However, some employees are peeved about this move by the company.

In the New Year, the on-demand food delivery company will reinstate a program called WeDash, which it had paused during the pandemic.

DoorDash launched WeDash in 2013 when it started operations. 

Its founders said they wanted to engage the company in the community and philanthropic efforts from the outset.

“As the company grew, the founders wanted everyone to experience different parts of the product so we could get closer to all our audiences and understand how the product works,” a DoorDash spokesperson reported said in an email to CNNBusiness. 

Employees will donate any money earned from participating in the program to a nonprofit outfit.

“By engaging as a Dasher, supporting a merchant, or shadowing a customer experience agent, employees learn first-hand how the technology products we build empower local economies, which in turn helps us build a better product,” the company said.

According to a report, one employee has posted an anonymous message voicing his disgust on social media platforms about the program.

Essentially, the message says he did not sign up for that duty on joining the company.

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