Dominican Republic Cries Enough Is Enough

According to press reports, the Dominican College of Economists (Codeco) says the Dominican Republic’s economy cannot support any more illegal immigrants from Haiti.

It noted that the government unable to provide more jobs due to the influx of a substantial number of Haitian migrants.

It states further that although trade with Haiti has continued its dynamism, the Dominican Republic’s economy can no longer bear the high cost of increased immigration.

According to Codeco, the crisis experienced by the Haitian population exceeds the capacities of the country.

The economists added that the situation with Haiti is becoming increasingly tense due to pressure from United Nations organizations for the Dominican Republic to take in refugees from that country.

They say Haitians are fleeing their country due to extreme poverty and lack of food more than for reasons of insecurity due to the actions of armed gangs.

Codeco also highlighted the high cost to the national budget of the Dominican Republic in protecting its border with Haiti.

Additionally, it argued that the expenses in education and health to accommodate hundreds of thousands of illegal Haitians would soon become unsustainable.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the northern Caribbean Island of Hispaniola.

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